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Guitar RockStar

Guitar RockStar is tipped to be looking like it may become in short supply soon and hard to find. Guitar RockStar is a number one must have Christams toy for many children this year. After searching for you we have found Guitar RockStar at a fantastic low bargain price that will make you happy!




This Guitar RockStar is the latest must have musical gadget for all ages! Children will love to play with the Guitar RockStar. This Guitar RockStar from Tomy looks just like a real guitar headstock. You can play your favourite rock tunes on this with no musical ability required!  

Guitar RockStar's realistic sounds will delight children of all ages. Guitar RockStar's headstock really looks like a guitar headstock. Guitar RockStar allows you to select a mode/song and use your hand or anything else to strum through the guitar part of the song. Activate  the rock god in you with the Guitar RockStar and rock out to your favourite tunes!

There's nothing that quite re-enacts those magical rock moments like this. Now you can play Guitar RockStar in your very own home. Guitar RockStar represents a massive technological step forward with realistic guitar sounds and a wider range of playing modes. You can strum the guitar with your hand, leg or anything else you can think of! Guitar RockStar has 8 pre-programmed songs built in!


With all these wonderful Guitar RockStar features you'll be blown away by how absolutely awesome this amazing toy is. Play the most fantastic rock songs this Christmas with the Guitar RockStar!


Featuring an infrared beam, with Guitar RockStar you are capable of strumming with your hand, leg or anything else! Rock out to 8 pre-programmed songs built into the Guitar RockStar. Allows you to play rock songs with no musical ability needed!


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