Playskool Dance Cam


Playskool Dance Cam toy
buy Playskool Dance Cam at lowest price
buy Playskool Dance Cam at lowest price

Playskool Dance Cam

The Playskool Dance Cam is another one of those popular Christmas toys that is tipped to be looking like it may become in short supply soon and hard to find. The Playskool Dance Cam will be a number one must have toy for many children this Christmas. After searching for you we have found Playskool Dance Cam at a fantastic cheap bargain low price that will make you happy!

Adjust the camera and select a mode to get the dancing party started. In Dance Along mode, children can boogie down with adorable Playskool characters whilst bopping to twenty popular preschool tunes - as kids move to the music, an animated Playschool friend will appear on screen in a bright and cheerful background setting. 

Simply insert the batteries and connect it to your TV, DVD player or VCR.

Cool Moves Mode help to teach your child new moves to four different songs. Simply follow the on-screen character to learn brand new dances. 

In Freestyle Mode you can even connect a CD or MP3 player into the audio jack. Then, kids can bust a solo move to their personal favorite music. Includes battery saving features! Console comes with cable, base and instructions.

TV camera console lets your growing child groove to 20 songs, or their own favorite music, on your very own TV screen!

Different modes include dancing with favourite Playskool characters, dance learning and freestyle dancing.

Plays twenty lively tunes or music from your MP3 player!

Playskool Dance Cam will make an ideal gift for many kids for Christmas.

With all of these stunning Playskool Dance Cam features you'll be blown away by how absolutely awesome this wonderful toy is. Have a look at the Playskool Dance Cam reviews:

Encourage your child to shake and shimmy when in front of this child-friendly console that projects them onto your own TV to dance along to kid-friendly tunes and cute characters! 

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