Moon Sand Playsets

Moon Sand Playsets and Construction Sets

Moon and Sand Playsets are tipped to be a popular toy and looking like it may become in short supply soon for Christmas. They could sell out soon and be hard to find. Moon and Sand Playsets will be a number one must have toy for lots of children this Christmas. After searching for you we have found Moon and Sand Playsets at a fantastic low price that will make you happy!

Moonsand Adventure Island

Moon Sand Adventure Island Playset

Have all the fun of the beach indoors! Construct fabulous adventure scenes! This awesome Moon Sand can be used over and over again to mould cool animals and much more! It cleans up easily, never dries out and it won't stick or stain! The carry case is sculpted to form a lagoon and beach area; it's a brilliant place for your moulded items to play. A wonderful way to encourage creativity and roleplay in your children.

Moonsand Adventure IslandMoonsand Adventure Island

Moonsand Farm

Moon Sand Big Farm

Moon Sand is the moldable sand that never dries out, so you can use again and again. It's the fun of the beach without the mess. Get ready for the biggest Country Farm adventure ever. Use the play mat to set the scene and then decorate the barn any way you want. You can make a cute farm boy and then help him round-up all the pigs, cows and horses that you can make yourself. Best of all, the Country Farm set comes with a real working tractor that picks up sand and dumps it out again.

Includes press n' play barn, tractor vehicle, farm boy half mold, horse half mold, cow half mold, play mat, scraper tool, ten ounces of green sand, ten ounces of red sand and ten ounces of yellow sand.  Colours may vary. Suitable for ages 3+. Moonsand Construction PlaysetMoonsand Construction Playset

Moonsand Sand Castle

Moon Sand Sand Castle

Do your children love being on the beach and building sandcastles? Then bring the fun of the beach indoors with Moon Sand! Use it over and over again for sculpting and moulding and neverending fun. The possibilities are endless. It won't stick or stain so cleaning up is easy. Squish it, shape it and mould it like dough to build a magical Moon Sand castle! This set comes with four moulds, for stone road, walls and towers! Use whichever you want and create your own castle designs. Includes a smart inflatable sandbox to keep everything nice and tidy and easy for storage. Build a Moon Sand castle any time you want!

Moonsand Sand CastleMoonsand Sand Castle

Moonsand Digging For Dinos Playset

Moon Sand Digging For Dinos Playset

Your kids can play at being an archaeologist or palaentologist with this Moon Sand dinosaur play set. Bury the Dino skeletons into the rock formations, and then use the pick axe supplied to discover the hidden fossils over and over again! Endless fun for dinosaur fans.

Moonsand Digging For Dinos PlaysetMoonsand Digging For Dinos Playset

Moonsand Pet Shop

Moon Sand Pet Shop

Squish it, shape it, and sculpt it... Moon Sand moulds just like dough. With this Moon Sand Pet Shop set your child play for hours and hours at creating their very own menageries, and the Moon Sand will never dry out! It cleans up easily and won't stick or stain, so you get all the fun of the pet shop - without the mess.

Moonsand Pet ShopMoonsand Pet Shop

Moonsand Neighbourhood

Moon Sand Treasure Kingdom

Squish it! Shape it! Mold it! No matter what you do, Moon Sand never dries out, so you can use it again and again for never- ending fun. Easy clean-up and doesn't stick or stain. Treasure Kindgom is the largest moon sand castle yet, packed with an all-new plunge-n-play feature and easier-to-use molds. Kit includes 10 ounces of sand in green, blue, red and yellow; plus an inflatable mat, mold, drawbridge assembly, dragon and princess.

Moonsand NeighbourhoodMoonsand Neighbourhood

Moonsand Ponies

Moon Sand Large School Yard Kit

The Moon Sand School Yard kit lets you build your own neighborhood school out of moon sand. Squish it. Shape it. Mold it. Moon Sand is a phenomenon that molds like dough and never dries out. It cleans up easily and won't stick or stain. Pull it out of its package and it expands to twice its original size. Press the sand in the molds to create your own neighborhood school. Comes with 6 character molds, school bus, and school house.

Moonsand PoniesMoonsand Ponies

Moonsand Refill

Moon Sand Assorted Refills

Want to use the Moon Sand moulds to create even more buildings, people, animals and more? Then choose from a range of available refills in loads of different colours. Now the fun never has to end!!

Moonsand RefillMoonsand Refill

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