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Fur Real Biscuit will make a great toy for Christmas but is said to be already looking like it may become in short supply soon for a popular Christmas toy and not very easy to find in the shops, Fur Real Biscuit is expected to be a number one must have toy for many children this Christmas. After searching for you we have found Fur Real Biscuit at a super low price that will make you happy!



Has FurReal Biscuit come alive? Kids will laugh and play with FurReal Biscuit, their favourite new pet. This FurReal Biscuit from Hasbro performs just like the real thing. He can open and close his mouth, sit, lay down and beg.



With Furreal Friends Biscuit, My Lovin’ Pup by Hasbro, kids can interact with their cute puppy. They’ll love how Furreal Friends Biscuit, My Lovin’ Pup by Hasbro will recognize their voices and respond to six different commands, including “sit,” “sit up and beg,” “lie down,” “give me a paw,” “speak” and “do you want a treat?” And, just like a real live puppy, Furreal Friends Biscuit, My Lovin’ Pup by Hasbro will bark, wag his tail, blink, sniff his bone, eat his tasty puppy treat and move his ears!

They’ve probably begged you for a pet of their own for Christmas. FurReal Biscuit is ready for fun, are you?


FurReal Biscuit represents a fantastically big technological step forward with realistic speech recognition and a wider range of movement. He can throw his head back, stand up, sit up, lay down and beg


With all of these stunning FurReal Biscuit features you'll be blown away by how absolutely awesome this wonderful toy is.


Tickle his belly and he'll roll around! There are various different activation points all over his body so the fun will never end.


Featuring high-tech in-built interactive sensors, FurReal Biscuit is capable of reacting to touch, voice and more. Tickle his belly and he'll waggle his tail! FurReal Biscuit My Lovin’ Pup by Hasbro is a lifelike Golden Retriever puppy, the most lifelike puppy you’ll find without actually getting a live puppy!


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