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Elmo Live is very popular with children and possibly going to be looking like it may become in short supply soon and hard to find. After searching for you we have found Elmo Live at a fantastic low price that will make you happy! Elmo Live is a number one must have toy for many children this Christmas.




Elmo Live's realistic muppet actions will delight all fans of the Sesame Street show. He can tell you stories and jokes. Activate Elmo Live by pressing his foot, tummy, back or nose or tickling him. Elmo Live's head really bobbles back and forth while he speaks.Elmo Live can also wave his arms, cross his legs, sit and stand and play games. Elmo Live is ready for fun, are you?






You know there's nothing that quite re-enacts those wonderful warm and fluffy childhood memories like Sesame Street. Now you can see Elmo Live Live

in your very own home.


Elmo Live represents a fantastically huge technological step forward with realistic speech and a wider range of movement. He can throw his head back, wave his arms, stand up, sit down and even cross his legs.


With all of these stunning Elmo Live features you'll be blown away by how absolutely awesome this wonderful toy is.


Hear Elmo Live tell wonderful stories complete with actions and voices, and listen to him sing some of his favourite songs.


Featuring high-tech in-built interactive sensors, Elmo Live is capable of reacting to touch, voice and more. There are various different activation points all over his body so the fun will just keep on going. Tickle his belly and he'll giggle, squeeze his nose and he'll sneeze! Elmo Live can ask for hugs, blow you kisses and in true Sesame Street style tell you he loves you.

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