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D-REX Interactive Dinosaur toy
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D-REX Interactive Dinosaur

D-REX Interactive Dinosaur is tipped to be looking like it may become in short supply soon and hard to find. D-REX Interactive Dinosaur will be a number one must have toy for many children this Christmas. After searching for you we have found D-REX Interactive Dinosaur at a fantastic low price that will make you happy!

D-REX Interactive Dinosaur is the ultimate robot pet! A ferocious yet loyal dinosaur with a completely independent personality, D-REX Interactive Dinosaur combines robotics, sophisticated software and life-like reptilian skin to create a realistic appearance and behavior. 

He can walk, munch, show his teeth and roar to let you know what he wants. D-REX Interactive Dino can demand food or ask to play a game, and he responds to your voice and touch. Just like the perfect pet, D-REX Interactive Dinosaur can protect your personal stuff and will attack on command!

Unbelievably feirce fun, the D-REX Interactive Dinosaur is an ultra-cool prehistoric monster with a personality all of his own. Designed specifically to entertained kids for days, D-REX even has a bone-shaped controller which lets you 'train' to be a guard-dino or attack pet.

D-REX Interactive Dinosaur will make an ideal gift for many kids for Christmas.

With all of these stunning D-REX Interactive Dinosaur features you'll be blown away by how absolutely awesome this wonderful toy is. Have a look at the D-REX Interactive Dinosaur reviews:

Awesome!, November 8, 2008
D-REX Interactive Dinosaur review by Ed Wilson (Raleigh, NC)

We bought D-REX as a birthday present for our 8-year old son and he can't stop playing with it. He wanted "Spike" from Fisher price that will make you happy. until seeing D-Rex on TV. The first time we put batteries in and flipped the switch, it was like being in Jurassic Park. The thing is scarily alive AND really funny. Gave me (a man in his 30s) a big happy chill up the spine. Overall, one of the best toys we've ever bought him. Very durable and realistic. Highly-recommended.

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