Chairs for Video Gaming

Video Gaming Chairs

Video Gaming Chairs

The Best Chairs for Video Gaming for Christmas

Here are a selection of the best Video Gaming Chair for this Christmas. We have found a selection of the most popular Gaming Chairs at the best price that will make you happy!  Have a look at the selection of Video Game Chairs listed below.

Pyramat Sound Rocker

Pyramat Sound Rocker S2000

Pyramat Sound Rocker S2000 is the best choice for all serious gamers. Compatible with PS2, PS3, XBox, XBox 360, Wii, DVD players, iPods and much more, it can be plugged into almost any part of your home entertainment system. Complete with surround sound and 30w of bass pumping through the inbuilt subwoofer, the Pyramat Sound Rocker will give you the ultimate gaming experience.

Evolution White Gaming Seat

Playseat Evolution White

This gaming chair has been specially designed by Playseat to bring you the very best racing simulation experience. The adjustable bucket seat will give you maximum comfort while gaming, and the chair is also compatible with all available steering wheels and driving pedals, as well as all game consoles. It can even be easily folded for storage. Enjoy a truly realistic racing experience with the Evo gaming seat!

Pyramat Wireless Sound Rocker

Pyramat PM420W Sound Rocker Wireless Gaming Chair

Taking gaming to the next level, the Pyramat PM420W Sound Rocker Wireless Gaming Chair combines all the best features of its wide range of gaming chairs with the very latest in wireless technology. Complete with 8 channel wireless audio and a powerful 40W subwoofer, you can now hear, feel and experience your videos games with crystal-clear audio output that is compatible with all leading games consoles and MP3 players. It can even be folded in half for easy storage.

Kids Rocking Gaming Chair

Kids Rocking Gaming Chair Video Blue Colour New

The ideal christmas gift for all young gamers, this Children's Rocker Gaming Chair by XS provides a comfortable and fun away for children to play games or watch television. Made from a luxurious, soft, blue microfibre this will look great in any kid's room. Worried about storage? Don't be, as the chair will fold alway with ease.

Large Black SlouchPod Gaming Chair

SlouchPod Interactive Gaming Chair

SlouchPod is compatible with all gaming consoles, including Xbox, Playstation, Gamecube, PSP and DS, as well as your TV, DVD Player, CD Player or iPod. All of SlouchPod's interactive chairs are fitted with safety tested electronics and powerful 10W subwoofers which perfectly complement the high fidelity surround speakers. Made from a smart black faux leather fabric, this chair is the ultimate in gaming comfort.

Pyramat Gamebag

Pyramat Gamebag 2.1

The perfect marriage of features and comfort, the Pyramat Gamebag 2.1 is a contoured beanbag designed to perfectly support the user, with high quality surround sound speakers and a powerful subwoofer to place you right in the middle of the gaming experience. It is compatible with all major games consoles and MP3 players and also features handheld volume controls.

Pilot Gaming Seat

First Class Simulations Pilot Seat

This easy to assemble Pilot Gaming Chair from First Class Simulations allows you to adopt the same sitting position as a pilot in the cockpit in total comfort. Complete with rudder pedals and an adjustable throttle quadrant mount, there are also supports to pesion a keyboard and USB hub. Specially built to provde comfortable proxmity to a monitior, this is compatible with all gaming consoles, including GameCube, Mac,PC, PS2, Xbox and Xbox 360.

Pyramat Sound Lounger

Pyramat PM550 Sound Lounger

With the Pyramat PM550 Sound Lounger you can literally feel the action from your games, music and movies. Hear every foot step and feel every punch or gunshot as the powerful subwoofer sends vibrations right down your spine. The two ARXTM high performance speakers create a surround sound effect that will accelerate your games to the next level. A personal remote allows you to control your gaming experience and all the sockets are at your feet for less mess. The Sound Lounger can fold away for storage, and is perfectly designed for delivering high quality audio, and total comfort.

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Video Gaming Chairs

Video Gaming Chairs

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